MF5000 Series Mass Flow Meters
MF5000 series mass flow meters are specially designed for small pipe flow monitoring and
feature an extremely low pressure loss compared to the traditional by-pass thermal mass flow
meters in this application scope. The accuracy of the meters are generally ±(1.5+0.5FS)% or
better depending on the requests.  The meters can work at an environment of -20 to 60°C
and pressure up to 1.5 MPa.  Applications include semiconductor gas process monitoring and
control, hospital oxygen gas monitoring, etc.

Features and Applications
- Highly sensitive, measuring as low as 8 mm/sec, and as high as 65 m/sec with a single assembly
- Directly sense mass flow using thermal mass flow principle
- Proprietary MEMS sensor package design for better reliability
- Standard 12 ~ 24 Vdc power supply
- Low pressure loss forreducing energy cost
- Industrial standard Modbus protocol for easy networking and remote control

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