MF5200 Series Oxygen Flow Meters
MF5200 series oxygen flow meters are specially designed for oxygen metering system in a
hospital.  These meters are operated with the standard industrial user interfaces (RS485), and
user defined alarm functions for better monitoring or control over the network. The
off-the-shelf products (MF5212 and MF5219) are for gas flow measurement of 0 ~ 300
SLPM and 0 ~ 800 SLPM, respectively.  

Features and Applications
- Detachable display that can be placed away from the flow channel via a specially designed cable
- Standard 4 ~ 20 mA or RS485 for remote data communication
- Hygienic stainless steel body ready for oxygen metering
- Extended rangeability for accurate flow monitoring and control
- Intrinsic safe enclosure

Mechanical Dimensions


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