MF5600 Series Mass Flow Meters
MF5600 series mass flow meters are specially designed for applications where the display is
often required to be placed separated away from the flow channel or meter body, such as the
oxygen metering system in a hospital.  These meters are opted with the standard industrial
user interfaces (RS485 and 4 ~ 20mA), and user defined alarm functions for better monitoring
or control over the network. The off-the-shelf products (MF5612 and MF5619) are for gas
flow measurement of 0 ~ 300 SLPM and 0 ~ 800 SLPM, respectively.  

Features and Applications
- Detachable display that can be placed away from the flow channel via a specially designed cable
- Standard 4 ~ 20 mA or RS485 for remote data communication
- Hygienic stainless steel body ready for oxygen metering
- Extended rangeability for accurate flow monitoring and control
- Intrinsic safe enclosure

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