FS1015CL Series Mass Flow Sensors

- Ventilators for
respiratory and oxygen/
air intake
- Anesthesia equipment
for oxygen/air intake
FS1015 series mass flow sensors are specially designed for medical equipment flow monitor and
control applications, and are made with Siargo's world leading proprietary MEMS mass flow
designed channel with a low pressure loss. The current models can be readily applied to ventilators
and anesthesia equipments.  These sensors can also be sterilized in medical liquids for reuse or
hygienic purposes.

FS1015 Series can measure a flow up to 150 SLPM. ISO-15mm connection model is readily
applicable to ventilators and/or anesthesia equipments.

Features and Applications
- MEMS thermal mass flow sensor
- Excellent rangeability with integrated multiple sensing elements
- High stability at null and full scale
- Fast response
- Low power consumption
- Low pressure loss

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Mass Flow Sensors