FS4003/08 Series Mass Flow Sensors

- Anesthesia equipment
for electronic meters
FS4003/08 series mass flow sensors are designed for general purpose flow monitor and control
applications, and are made with Siargo's world leading proprietary MEMS mass flow sensors and
the smart electronic control system. The sensors directly measure mass flow in the designed
channel with a  low pressure loss. These sensors can readily  be applied for electronics flow
meters for anesthesia equipments, clean room air flow or nitrogen flush monitor and control,
environmental equipments such as air sampler, analytical instrumentation such as GC spectrometer.

FS4003 has a flow channel diameter of 3 mm. This sensors have a very low pressure loss while it
can measure air flow up to 5 SLPM.   Applications include leakage detection,  particle counter, and
analytical instrumentation.

FS4008 can be configured to measure flow up to 50 SLPM.  It can be applied for gas flow
measurement and/or control equipments.  Applications include electronic flow meter for anesthesia
equipments, clean room gas flow monitor, air sampler, and gas analyzer.

Features and Applications
- Designed for 3 and 8 mm package
- Mass flow detectable from 0 ~ 2 SLPM to 0 ~ 50 SLPM
- Exchangeable connectors for easy installation
- Digital and analog output provide easy access for various communications
- Compact design ready for multiple channel assembly
- Excellent for electronic meters in anesthesia equipment
- Fast response and low power consumption
- Low pressure loss

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