FS6022 Series Mass Flow Sensors

- Emergency ventilators
for respiratory and
FS6022 Mass Flow Sensors are manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor
and package technology. The sensors are specially designed for the application of medical
equipment such as personal ventilators and CPAP machines for flow monitoring and control with
two flow rate ranges of 0 ~ 250 SLPM and 0 ~ 300 SLPM, respectively.  The <0.5 cmH2O/L/sec.
This package withstands a maximum pressure of 0.2 MPa (29 psi) without compromising
The mechanical interface is the standard ISO-22 mm combined male/female medical connector that
allows the sensor to be readily applied to equipment with a minimal possible dead space.

Features and Applications
- Mass flow range: 0 ~ 250 SLPM, 0 ~ 300 SLPM
- Fast response time: 8 ms typical
- Highly sensitive in small flow rate
- Low power consumption
- Specially designed for medical equipment
- Sterilizable for reuse

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Mass Flow Sensors