Product overview
Siargo offers a broad spectrum of mass flow sensing products that can be readily applied to
utility gas metering, mass flow sensing for medical equipments, fuel cell concentration. Siargo
also actively engage with many OEM customers providing the customer tailored products for
various applications. For OEM applications, please contact us for further information.

  • FS1015, 4008 and 6022 series mass flow sensors are specially configured for medical
    applications including electronic flow meters for anesthesia equipments, ventilators,
    peak meters, asthma monitor as well as in medical dosing applications.

  • FS series mass flow sensors can also be applied in other industries such as food and
    beverage flow monitor and control, environmental instrumentation, mass spectrometers
    and many other industrial process control and monitor.

  • MF series mass flow meters provide cost effective solutions for various industrial gas
    measurement and monitors.
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* Medical sensors
flow meters
* Ventilators
* Peak meters
* Asthma monitor
* Disposable sensors
* Instrumentation
* Equipments
* Machinery
* and many more ...

- Mass flow meters
* Gas flow measurements
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* and others...
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