About us
Established in 2003, Siargo is the world leading MEMS mass flow sensing product provider.  We
environmental, food and beverage, and many other industries. Our battery powered MEMS utility
gas meter series for city gas and gas networking are the first commercialized deployment and will
eventually change the landscape of the 120 year old diaphragm gas meter technology.

Our MEMS flow sensors are configured with multiple sensing elements providing additional aspects
of flow information that traditional approach cannot achieve. These sensors are designed for
reliability, wide dynamic range, low power consumption and easy package for adjustment to
different applications.   We continue to develop our mass flow sensor core technology to meet all
aspects of today's flow requirements.

Our worldwide experienced tech support team is ready to work 24/7 with our valued customers for
all their technical requirements with fast responses.

We welcome OEM customers to develop application specific and cost effective mass flow sensors
and/or meters.  We have world tier-one high volume manufacture partners and will readily meet
these demands.

- Mass flow sensors
* CPAP applications
* Anesthesia electronic
flow meters
* Ventilators
* Peak meters
* Asthma monitor
* Disposable sensors
* Instrumentation
* Equipments
* Machinery
* and many more ...

- Mass flow meters
* Gas flow measurements
and monitor
* and others...
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