MEMS Executive Congress 2010 - November 3-5, 2010

MEMS Executive Congress 2010 - MEMS: Enabling System Solutions

November 3-5, 2010
InterContinental Montelucia, Scottsdale, AZ
An annual executive forum promoting the commercialization of MEMS

Explore Smart and Clean Energy at MEMS Executive Congress

Exciting developments for MEMS in the world of energy creation, management and storage are underway. Smart home automation systems turn off lights, lower thermostats, and monitor air quality. And Smart Grid technology promises to revolutionize our electric infrastructure, increasing efficiency while helping to reduce power consumption. With the promise of a cleaner environment at stake, where will MEMS technologies compete most effectively with traditional approaches to power management and storage—and when can we expect to see more MEMS solutions on the market?

Please join us Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 10:15 a.m. for the panel,
Smart and Clean Energy: Enabled by MEMS, at the 6th annual MEMS Executive Congress

Featured Speakers


  • Cleo Cabuz, CTO, Life Safety, HoneywellHow will we achieve smart and clean energy?
    It will come with solar and wind power, biofuels, energy savings and peak management. Cleo will explain how MEMS-based sensors, communications and switches, combined with these 'new' sources of energy, are becoming key drivers in increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.
  • Patti Glaza, Executive Director/CEO, Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI)What is the connection between MEMS and energy monitoring?
    MEMS supports the ability to measure and react quickly to changes in the system and the environment. Patti will explain how MEMS both monitors and relays information required for many core energy functions in building systems (HVAC, lighting, air quality, temperature response), spanning electricity transmission and distribution to demand response.
  • Liji Huang, President, CEO and Co-Founder, SiargoWhat can MEMS technology do for the Smart Grid?
    MEMS is a key component in smart gas meters, which are replacing the 120-year-old diaphragm gas meter technology still in use today. Liji will explain the features that are helping MEMS-based mass flow meters from companies like Siargo to take off: sophisticated data integrity and networking capability; gas leak detection; energy harvesting as a power source; and an improved cost structure.
  • Dr. Dean Samara-Rubio, Platform Architect, Energy and Utilities, IntelHow is MEMS technology being utilized in home energy management?
    Dr. Samara-Rubio will explain how MEMS technology is being evaluated for energy harvesting, sensing, communications and actuation in the home environment. He will also assess how well it is competing with traditional approaches.
  • Moderator: André Rouzaud, Deputy VP of Microsystems and Heterogeneous Integration on Silicon, CEA-Leti (Grenoble, France)How are companies across the globe leveraging MEMS technology to reduce energy costs and manage power consumption?
    Leveraging his experience at a major European research center involved in creating and commercializing innovation in micro—and nanotechnologies, AndrĂ© will elicit insight from the panelists on some of the fascinating ways in which MEMS is used in the world of energy creation and storage. Such developments include MEMS-based energy harvesters that generate power from previously untapped sources and Smart Grid technology that promises to revolutionize the electric infrastructure by increasing efficiency and lowering power consumption.

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