Jun 22 Siargo received 2016 Best of SensorExpo Innovation Award, Bronze Level for our
time-of-flight liquid flow sensor.

May 1 Siargo will exhibit at Medica at Dusseldorf, November, 2016.

Feb 16 Siargo and Servoflo entered agreement that Servoflo will be the primary distributors for
Siargo's products.

Feb 1 Siargo starts to ship FS6122 - an integrated MEMS pressure and mass sensors for CPAP

Jan 20 Siargo announces to participate SensorExpo 2016 at San Jose Convention Center.

Jan 7 Siargo starts to ship disposable liquid flow sensors for medical and analytical applications.

Nov 1  Siargo will exhibit at CompMed at Dusseldorf, Germany, Booth 8B-17.

August 1 Siargo announces to appoint Sentech Measurements, Inc. as its USA sales representative.

Jun 9-11  Siargo participated SensorExpo 2015 in Long Beach, California

Mar 6 Siargo announced the release of MF5200 series for gas metering with integrated pressure

Jan 10 Siargo announced the release of MF4600 with integration with manual valves

Mar 10 Siargo will participate Sensor+Test 2014 at Nurnberg, Germany on Jun 3-5.

Feb 4 Siargo is awarded with US Patent 8,644,693 for proximity switch sensors


Oct 1 Siargo is awarded with US Patent 8,544,320 for wind and gas profiler.

Sept 24 Siargo participated the 16th FLOMEKO in Paris. 5 papers were presented at the
conference, including 3 oral presentations, among 133 technical conference papers by participants
from 28 countries.

Aug 27, Siargo participated the 24th MICRONEX in Beijing.

Jun 18  Siargo is awarded with US Patent 8,464,593 for air flow meter for projectile arms

Apr 6 Siargo announces new product release, MF5200 specially designed for hospital oxygen
delivery system

Mar 12 Siargo announces new MEMS sensing chip release for manufacture. The new chip features
integrated heat circuitry that will significantly improve the measurement for gas flow with high
humidity or water vapors.

Jan 1 Siargo is awarded with US Patent 8,342,018 for battery operated MEMS thermal mass flow


Oct 1 Siargo starts a new manufacture facility in Chengdu, China. The new facility has upgraded
automation manufacture lines.

Sept 1 Siargo will exhibit at MICRONEX 19, Shanghai, China

Aug 11  Siargo announces the completion of separation of its business unit for city gas metering.


Sept 1 Siargo will exhibit at MICRONEX 18, Shanghai, China

Aug 2  Siargo announces to form a joint venture with the large Hong Kong gas corporation for
mass production of the utility meters for city gas metering

Feb 9 Siargo announces the strategic partnership with the large China gas corporation for mass
production of the utility meters for city gas metering

****** 2010

Sept 16 Siargo spoke at WaterGas International 2010, Hangzhou, China.

Sept 8  Siargo will participate MEMS Executive Congress Nov 3-5, for
Explore Smart and Clean
Energy at Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sept 6  Siargo exhibited at MICRONEX 17, Sept 6 - 9, Beijing, China  

Aug 3 Siargo will participate FLOMEKO 15, Oct 13-15 at Taipei, presenting 6 papers, and

Feb 17 Siargo announces the release of portable MF5700 mass flow meter that is fully customizable

Jan 6  Siargo starts the volume production of its 2nd Gen of utility meters for city gas applications.

****** 2009

Dec 11 Siargo announces the release of its 2nd Gen medical mass flow sensors for ventilators and
anesthesia equipments.

Nov 9 Siargo announces to be listed as the authorized supplier for utility gas meters by China Petro.

August 27  Siargo announces the release of the 2nd Gen of utility meters for commercial users

July 9  Siargo announces the release of FS7002 clog sensor for intelligent air filters

June 8 - 10 Siargo exhibits at Sensor Expo, Rosemount Center, Chicago

April 20-24  Siargo exhibits at Hanover Fair (Deutsche Messe), Germany.

April 8-10   Siargo exhibits at SensorExpo Japan at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.  

- Mass flow sensors
* CPAP applications
* Anesthesia electronic
flow meters
* Ventilators
* Peak meters
* Asthma monitor
* Disposable sensors
* Instrumentation
* Equipments
* Machinery
* and many more ...

- Mass flow meters
* Gas flow measurements
and monitor
* and others...
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